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Ugly Entry #23

As of 2:18 AM, I just finished the first draft of Ugly as I've made another major change late in the third act as I felt the original scene didn't fit in with the rest of the story and wrote something similar that I feel would be more in tune. 

Now that's done with about 38 pages of material, not counting the first page.  I would say that I'm relieved that it's done for now though I'm not sure what else I could add.  For now, it's finished and most of all, at the most appropriate day as it's Jena Malone's 27th birthday as I essentially wrote this project just for her.

What I will do next is The Night Escort which is an entirely different project though I feel like everything I'm going to write about will be about alienation, loneliness, and isolation in some kind of form.  It's really all I know.

Other than that, I'm not sure what to do as I recently tried to convert the script into a PDF film but since I wrote the whole script into  Microsoft Word.  It didn't work and plus, it cost money which I don't really have at the moment.  So for anyone that has been reading my journal and wants to read my script.  Just email me at so that it can be read and I would like to have some feedback.

Finally, to Ms. Jena Malone.  Thank you for motivating me to write this for you and I hope you have a wonderful happy birthday.
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Ugly Entry #22

I've been reviewing and reading about most of the script so far and I can honestly say that it's nearly finished for its official first draft.  I've tweaked a few bits of dialogue and made another musical change.  It's now coming down to the last few pages.  Looking at the script over and over.  I'm not sure if I was able to expand anything since I did a lot of the work for the past several months.  I know what I'm aiming though it's clear that a 40-page script treatment doesn't seem like the ideal choice that people will go for.

I will make another post once I go over the final pages where it's likely I'll make some changes and then hopefully transfer it into a PDF file for people interested in reading it.
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Ugly Entry #21

I just made a major change for a scene early in the film.  For the past few weeks, I keep looking over to what to add or re-write.  So far right up until the second half.  There's only been very minor changes.  I've tweaked the dialogue a bit on a few places and such.  Not many changes though I got rid of a few minor characters.

The big change I've just made involves a song my protagonist was singing.  In the original draft, it was Nirvana's "About a Girl" but I felt as I was reviewing the script that it was too obvious and way too famous.  I was really unsure until just a few minutes ago when I was re-editing my old review of Saved! that I got an idea.  I kept thinking of obscure songs for my character to sing quietly to but in the end.  I went for a personal favorite instead in Massive Attack's "Protection".  Reading the lyrics, I felt the song made more sense to what my character is going through.

I hope to have it done by the end of the month for its official first draft as I don't think there will be many changes unless I decide to do a second draft.
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Ugly Entry #20

Last night, I started to look over into my script and just now, made a few changes to the dialogue for some the early portions of the script.  Among the changes I'm making involves music.  Some of the dialogue I had written has lyrics being sung but I'm currently looking into other options because if I ever get a chance to make this film with a small budget.  I need to think more outside of the box because there's certain pieces of music that can't be used because of how expensive the rights are.  There's a couple of famous acts I'm keeping but other than that, it's going to be mostly obscure stuff, though it would be obscure from a mainstream perspective.

I hope to have it done by mid-November as I've already got a title for one of the new projects I'm working on that is called The Night Escort which is still in its outline stage.  Once the outline is finished, I'll post something about that project soon.
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Ugly Entry #19

From around 4PM today to 9:54 PM, I wrote the ninth and final chapter of my script.  I'm surprised that I decided to work on it today and just write it with a few breaks in between.  It's a big surprise as I've found inspiration in a few things including the Talk Talk song "I Believe in You" as I've been really getting into the band's music of late.

Well, now that it's sort of done.  All there is for me to do is to assemble it, do some re-writes, and edits to make it into a full-fledge script which I think I will do in a week or two.

Meanwhile, there's also been some additional ideas in the works that I've been inspired by ever since watching Drive last Saturday.

I've already a third of an outline for a project about a lonely high-class American escort living in Prague.

It's going to be part of a trilogy that I call the Lonely American Women Trilogy in reference to Paul Schrader's Lonely Man trilogy of films such as Taxi Driver (which he wrote), American Gigolo, and Light Sleeper.  With this trilogy, it's focused on three different women in different parts of the world as they each go through their own emotional and existential crisis in their lives.

I plan to do that once the first or second draft of Ugly is completed as I will post again once I get started on assembling the first draft.

Update:  2:11 AM

Out of just pure boredom.  I copied all of the material I wrote into one entire document as part of my assembly work as I have a total of 39 pages of material.  For now, I won't do anything until I feel ready to look over for re-writes and edits.
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Ugly Entry #18

It's 11:32 PM as I've just finished the eighth chapter of my script with nearly five pages of material written.  I was expecting it to be much shorter but thankfully I written a bit of monologue to keep things going despite having not much dialogue present.  Now, there's one more chapter to go.  I'll post when I start working on that chapter and again once it's complete.  Maybe not this coming week due to various projects I'm working for the time being.  Once I work and finish this final chapter.  I take a bit of a break and then start assembling all of the material into a full first draft which will probably take weeks to re-edit and do re-writes so I can be satisified enough for it to be a successful first draft.

For anyone that is reading this, thank you.
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Ugly Entry #17

Just started writing the first page of the eighth chapter as I've written a few scenes leading to a couple of big moments that's going to happen.  I know it's been nearly a couple of weeks since my last entry as I've been trying to figure out a schedule for the new films that are coming out as well as the varied projects I'm working on.  I'll post when this chapter will be finished which is likely to be completed within the week.
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Ugly Entry #16

It's 9:48 PM EST as I've just finished the 7th chapter with more than five pages of material done.  It's a bit surprising that I've gotten an important piece of monologue written though I'm still not sure if it's perfect which I will revisit once I get into the assembly of the first draft. 

It's going better than I expected as there's more of a center as it all revolves around my protagonist.  I'll probably start work on the eighth chapter sometime this coming weekend or the week ahead.

I'm leaning towards an October release for the official first draft.
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Ugly Entry #15

As of 2:30 AM, I've just completed nearly three pages worth of material to start the third act that has a mixture of dialogue as well as a key character that would play a role into the mind of its protagonist.  I'm surprised that I managed to get some stuff written for now.  I just hope to have it done this week.
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Ugly Entry #14

As of 2:30 AM, I just finished the 2nd act with great ease as I've finished writing an intense yet erotic sex scene to finish the sixth chapter of my script.  Only three more chapters to go.  That didn't really take very long.  Hopefully, I can get around to start work on the seventh act in the coming days.