thevoid99 (thevoid99) wrote,

Ugly Entry #18

It's 11:32 PM as I've just finished the eighth chapter of my script with nearly five pages of material written.  I was expecting it to be much shorter but thankfully I written a bit of monologue to keep things going despite having not much dialogue present.  Now, there's one more chapter to go.  I'll post when I start working on that chapter and again once it's complete.  Maybe not this coming week due to various projects I'm working for the time being.  Once I work and finish this final chapter.  I take a bit of a break and then start assembling all of the material into a full first draft which will probably take weeks to re-edit and do re-writes so I can be satisified enough for it to be a successful first draft.

For anyone that is reading this, thank you.

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