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Ugly Entry #19

From around 4PM today to 9:54 PM, I wrote the ninth and final chapter of my script.  I'm surprised that I decided to work on it today and just write it with a few breaks in between.  It's a big surprise as I've found inspiration in a few things including the Talk Talk song "I Believe in You" as I've been really getting into the band's music of late.

Well, now that it's sort of done.  All there is for me to do is to assemble it, do some re-writes, and edits to make it into a full-fledge script which I think I will do in a week or two.

Meanwhile, there's also been some additional ideas in the works that I've been inspired by ever since watching Drive last Saturday.

I've already a third of an outline for a project about a lonely high-class American escort living in Prague.

It's going to be part of a trilogy that I call the Lonely American Women Trilogy in reference to Paul Schrader's Lonely Man trilogy of films such as Taxi Driver (which he wrote), American Gigolo, and Light Sleeper.  With this trilogy, it's focused on three different women in different parts of the world as they each go through their own emotional and existential crisis in their lives.

I plan to do that once the first or second draft of Ugly is completed as I will post again once I get started on assembling the first draft.

Update:  2:11 AM

Out of just pure boredom.  I copied all of the material I wrote into one entire document as part of my assembly work as I have a total of 39 pages of material.  For now, I won't do anything until I feel ready to look over for re-writes and edits.


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